"My favorite words are possibilities, opportunities and curiosity. I think if you are curious, you create opportunities, and then if you create the doors, you create the possibilities"
- Mario Testino

Officially my educational and professional background is in marketing and sales strategy, but really? I'm a green-smoothie drinking, YouTube learning, Settlers of Catan playing, city-dweller, who's looking to make an impact on the world.





Worked with the eForms team to project manage, tailored online solutions that streamlined workplace processes for GSK Global Business Partners.



Marketing and Sales

Using market data and emerging trends, would work with internal cross-functional team to develop new OTC/nutraceutical products, and go-to-market strategies for major national retailers.



Strategic Sales

Working with USA and Canadian strategic retail partners, I am responsible for creating a targeted channel strategy, which pairs the brand with the consumer.
I also work on new business development to help bring plant-based nutrition to the masses!

Manchester Business School

Manchester Business School

MBA International Business Strategy

After completing a BA in Creative Advertising & Marketing, I wanted to obtain a greater understanding of international business management, which led me to enroll & complete an MBA maintaining a 3.7 GPA throughout the program.


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